The example Docker command in the docs might be wrong

The sample command on the deploy/download page didn’t work:

# docker pull dgraph/dgraph:v20.07
Error response from daemon: manifest for dgraph/dgraph:v20.07 not found

But when I went to the releases and picked the newest version it worked:

# docker pull dgraph/dgraph:v1.2.6
v1.2.6: Pulling from dgraph/dgraph
692c352adcf2: Pull complete 
97058a342707: Pull complete 
2821b8e766f4: Pull complete 
4e643cc37772: Pull complete 
ad4c2e95bf08: Pull complete 
a9a27ec73e48: Pull complete 
283102b44802: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:6f77779af8b94d1efe7dc5cd0b8e30992c56899869167631bde30c7573cc9fc3
Status: Downloaded newer image for dgraph/dgraph:v1.2.6

Docker command refers to a missing image.

Dgraph Docker Registry doesn’t have dgraph/dgraph:v20.07, rather it has dgraph/dgraph:v20.07.0

The Docker commands are fixed now (docker pull dgraph/dgraph:shuri). Thanks for letting us know!

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