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Posted by loganpowell:

First, I love that you’re making Dgraph images for Docker deployment. I would love it if your tutorial took me through the entire lifecycle of the docker deployment, from instantiation to deployment on some cloud provider so I could hook it up to my (Node) app:

  • for example: in this page you have the following instructions

First, grab the latest version of Docker
Then, pull the latest Dgraph version with:
docker pull dgraph/dgraph
Now, to run Dgraph in Docker, it’s:

mkdir -p ~/dgraph
docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -v ~/dgraph:/dgraph --name dgraph dgraph/dgraph dgraph --bindall=true

I actually had to alter this code a bit from ~/dgraph:/dgraph to ./dgraph/:dgraph but it would be nice if you elaborated on what each part of the configuration is doing ( as a comrade did on Slack )

Also, once I exit the running instance, I am left to figure out how to get back into it and where the volume is mounted and such…

paulftw commented :

Fair points, in order to run Dgraph comfortably it is important to understand lifecycle of the docker tasks and volumes.
However, official Docker documentation will always be a better place to learn these things.
This tutorial assumes our users know how to install and use git, curl, multiple terminal sessions etc. I think it’s Ok to imply that knowledge of Docker is another prerequisite.

I will close this issue due to no activity for 12 months. Please comment or re-open if there are any suggestions or objections.