The query time is very long, 7 seconds on average. How to optimize it?

dgrapg version is 1.0.15
import stage:
rdf data size is 400G,
node memory size is 256GB
Originally I wanted to use the new version v1.1.0, but when importing data, the new version always reported an OOM error at map stage. So I had to use the old version 1.0.x

when run up, my cluster server configuration is:
3 nodes:16core64G
each data:170G,380G,440G

second, my query is very simple, use pydgraph==1.2.0,my dgraph version is 1.0.15
but the query time is very long, 7 seconds on average

query = “”“query all($a: string, $value: string) {
all(func: eq(type, $a))@filter(eq(value, $value)) {
variables = {’$a’: ‘PERSON’, ‘$value’: value}
t0 = time.time()
res = client.txn(read_only=True).query(query, variables=variables)
ppl = json.loads(res.json)

Finally, I would like to ask, for TB data size,
What is the recommended cluster size and node configuration?
Is there any production case for reference?
If I need to add nodes, how many should I add? 3 or 6

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