Too many open files

(Labs) #1

Having this log / error with 1.0.9-RC4 and RC5. Clients cant connect to server after this.

Pic from RC5

Pic from RC4

(Daniel Mai) #2

You can increase the open files limit on your computer.

See this page for more info:

(Labs) #3

Hi, Daniel. Thanks for your quick reply.

Can you point me to some docs so I can learn what is happening? Is this something that I have to be aware on the server when deploying? I have only webstorm and chrome running right now, and dgraph of course. this is something normal to expect?

Looks like I’m on unlimited already:


(Daniel Mai) #4

Is the ulimit of your shell the same as your Dgraph process? Limits are per-process.

(Labs) #5

Well, sorry if I making any mistake, but it looks like yes. If I do ulimit -aH on the same shell that I started dgraph the results are the same (unlimited).

(Daniel Mai) #6

That’s interesting. You may need to check the soft limit as well.

(nyadav) #7

Is there dgraph recommendations on setting soft/hard limit numbers… I also faced same problem so i doubled it changed 4000 to 8000 limit. Please suggest best practice for dgraph.

(Daniel Mai) #8

There’s now documentation suggesting open file descriptors limits over at

(Labs) #9

Thanks, I’ll look into that.

After restart my mac this morning and trying to start dgraph I’m getting this (using 1.0.9):

I can send you a copy of my p/w/zw dir if you want (160mb rar)

(Daniel Mai) #10

Did you upgrade from a previous version to v1.0.9? When upgrading from one version to another you’ll need to follow the Upgrade Database steps.

(Labs) #11

Yes, I did a “direct jump” from RCs to the final release without following those steps.

(Daniel Mai) #12

Do you still get the issue when following the upgrade steps?

(Labs) #13

Actually, as I’m on my dev machine, I just bkped the old dirs and deleted it for a fresh start.