Type system editor: uid field types cannot be references to other type names

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Posted by danielmai:

Steps to reproduce

  1. In Bulk Edit (or outside of Ratel), create the following schema with a type field that refers to a different type
refersTo: [uid] .
type TypeA {
  refersTo: [TypeB]

The type definition shows that refersTo is of type [TypeB]


When clicking on Edit Type, the predicate name along with its actual type is shown

After clicking Save, the field type turns into [uid]


Expected result:

The type definition should retain the information that refersTo references TypeB nodes.

danielmai commented :

A related issue is, as implied by Step 1, we can’t create types in the UI that refer to other types by name.

paulftw commented :

Will be fixed with Add dropboxes to UI to choose which type do uid fields point to by paulftw · Pull Request #123 · dgraph-io/ratel · GitHub

paulftw commented :

Fixed, and type system is going to be typeless soon, so probably not needed anymore