Unable to login to Dgraph Cloud

Cannot login to Dgraph Cloud.

After setting the credentials I end up on a white screen with spinner.

Here’s the error log from the console

Everything seems to be working fine on our side. Try using another browser or clearing your browser and re-login.

I did. It seems that the social login is caching something. I had to clear all browsing data and disable the cache for ALL browsers. However, it works again.

FYI - it happened after I tried to login with a different social connection try account is not associated with. But definitely not something critical.


Next time you can just clear the internal browser storage. Press F12(To open Dev Tools). Then go to the Application tab. In the menu go to storage. And then look for the button “Clear site data”. This will do the same as “clear all browsing data” but just for that website.

It didn’t work for me…