Again Dgraph Cloud is not reachable

The old problem, that we can’t log in to Dgraph Cloud, is back again. When will you guys fix this?

White screen with spinner

Screenshot 2022-06-06 at 15.30.00

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i am very sorry to hear that, fortunately this will get resolved soon! check out the news New funding announcement

We don’t see this issue and unable to reproduce it.
Can you please provide a bit more info so that we can try to reproduce this.
Please let us know - Which region, whether you are running a Shared/free/dedicated backend?



Well, I’m clicking on the Login Button and I get a white page with a spinner. Opening up the console gives the errors shown in my original post.

I’ve tried with different logins and browsers.

Region is US East.

Ok, just tried again and it’s working now.