Unable to Run Query with Cascade after Version upgrade from 20.07.2 to 20.07.3

We are new to the dgraph database.
After Upgrading the server we are unable to run the below query with the cascade option

query get_tenantlevel_data($tenantuid:string){
get_tenantlevel_data(func: type(cpc.mst.tenantlevels))
        { uid
       [email protected](uid($tenantuid)) 
"errors": [ { "message": "line 4 column 15: Malformed Query. Missing {. Got (",
      "extensions": { "code": "ErrorInvalidRequest"}}]

Earlier version 20.07.2 we are able to run the query and able to get the output. After upgrading to v20.07.3 we are getting the above error. We have read the release notes and could found anything relevant. Can anyone help with this to fix the issue?

Those versions are no longer supported. Please upgrade to at least v 21.03.


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