Unable to update with multiple @id directives in the same type

I have the following Type

type Program {
  id: ID!
  name: String! @id @search
  website: String! @id
  email: String
  createdAt: DateTime @search
  updatedAt: DateTime @search

and, I want to run the following mutation:

mutation {
  updateProgram(input: {filter: {id: "0x97f54a4"}, 
	set: {
	name: "{{JSONForm1.formData.name}}",
	website: "{{JSONForm1.formData.website}}",
	email: "{{JSONForm1.formData.email}}",
	updatedAt: "{{moment().format("X")}}"}}) {

However, I receive the error:

      "message": "couldn't rewrite mutation updateProgram because failed to rewrite mutation payload because id example.com already exists for field website inside type Program"

The issue is that I’m changing on a form only the name (from nameX to nameY), but the website remains the same.

Same goes if I will keep the name and website as they are, and I’ll try to update email from emailX to emailY.

I know that I could change the mutation and discard the website, but this means that I have to use some kind of additional (workaround) hack in my forms to understand which fields changed or not in advance

dgraph version: v21.12