Unneeded index when following tutorial

Hello. I am following the Dgraph tutorials and currently I’m going through https://dgraph.io/docs/tutorial-3/. After running some snippets without issues, when I reached the " Filtering traversals" chapter, it tells me to run the query that filters on dislikes. Right after that, I’m instructed that I should expect to see an error because the “dislikes” predicate is not indexed. But when I run the query everything works fine.
That said, I think the tutorial should be updated to reflect this change (or, if it was not supposed to work in the first place without an index, the bug should be fixed).


Thanks for filing this @marigonzes. We don’t strictly need an index to filter nodes anymore. We’ll update the docs here to reflect this.

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I forgot to mention that the same thing happens in the “Enter San Francisco: Hotel booking” chapter of tutorial https://dgraph.io/docs/tutorial-8/ regarding the “loc_type” predicate.

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Thanks for reporting this @marigonzes.