Upsert Block and External IDs with JSON Mutation Format

External IDs and Upsert Block explains how to manage external IDs via upsert block and it is very helpful indeed.

Examples in this section show only how to perform mutations in RDF triple format. Is it possible to make use of JSON format in a similar fashion? To fetch uids into a variable and pass them into JSON objects so updates are performed instead of new nodes being created?

I can’t find anything specific on that inside the docs (“External IDs and Upsert Block” section doesn’t mention JSON format and “JSON Format mutation” section doesn’t mention anything about external IDs).

Maybe there’s a different way to perform updates (in JSON format) based on external IDs? Perhaps anything similar to --upsertPredicate id option from LiveLoader?


anybody help?

This page has a few examples uid function in upsert - DQL. If you still have more questions, feel free to ask here.