Using Firebase Emulator with Dgraph

What I want to do

I am using Firebase Auth and Storage + Next.js + Dgraph. This works fine using a live Firebase instance, but I am trying to set up Firebase Emulator for development (on localhost). I have it mostly working, but have run into exactly this problem:

Summary: When I try to log in, I get the following error: couldn't rewrite query getUser because unable to parse jwt token:token is unverifiable: Keyfunc returned an error

Firebase Auth Emulator failing to sign JWT when using Dgraph Authentication - Stack Overflow

[FR] Verifying emulated ID Tokens and creating session cookies only works in the Functions Emulator · Issue #2764 · firebase/firebase-tools (

From my understanding this cannot work because DGraph would want to verifiy the token on Firebase instead of the emulator version (the URL is the Firebase URL, not the localhost emulator URL).

That being said, it looks like people have had success generating a signed token if in DEV (localhost) on Hasura.

Allow unsigned (alg: none) JWT tokens · Issue #6338 · hasura/graphql-engine (