Version Bump ztsd

The ztsd needs to be version bumped, to be consistent with dgraph, and more specifically use the patched version v1.4.5+patch2 in both badger and dgraph.

The semantic versioning of this release is a bit particular since it only includes changes in the Go wrapper without any changes from the upstream C repository (


  • Pass pointers to C as unsafe.Pointer, not uintptr (memory corruption) @evanj (#91)
  • Add go.mod file @Viq111 (#94)
  • [circleci] Fix 32 bits builds @Viq111 (#92)

This is a recommended version as it fixes a potential memory corruption bug when the system is under-pressure (memory and/or lots of threads) which forces the Go runtime to move the stack around.

What version of Go are you using (go version)?

  • go version go1.16 linux/amd64

What operating system are you using?

  • Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

What version of Badger are you using?

  • 6c35ad6c28e0 (referenced from dgraph go.mod)

Does this issue reproduce with the latest master?


Steps to Reproduce the issue

grep ztsd go.mod

What Badger options were set?

n/a - set in dgraph

What did you do?

n/a - compile badger

What did you expect to see?

updated patched version of ztsd

What did you see instead?

older version of ztsd