Badger Release v4.0.1 is now Generally Available

Hi Dgraph Community,

We are pleased to announce that a new release of Badger v4.0.1 is now available. We would like to thank the community contributions and the Dgraph team for their efforts to make this release happen.

This release fixes a bug in the maxHeaderSize parameter that could lead to panics. We have introduced an external magic number to keep track of external dependencies. We have bumped up the minimum required Go version to 1.19. No changes were made to the format of data on disk. This is a major release because we are making a switch to SemVer in order to make it easier for the community to understand when breaking API and data format changes are made.

Warning: Please note that the tag v4.0.0 has been retracted due to a bug in the publisher. Use v4.0.1 (see #1889)

We have fixed the following issues

  • Fixed generated protos #1888
  • Fixed initialization of the atomic variable in subscriber struct #1889
  • Updated maxHeaderSize #1877
  • Introduced external magic number (#1745) #1852
  • Fixed benchmark fixes from main #1863

Additional changes

  • Upgrade minimum Go version requirement to 1.19 #1868
  • Versioning of Badger has been moved from CalVer to SemVer
  • Deployments will be tag based going forward #1887
  • CI now fails fast when testing #1890
  • The build enable linters (gosimple, govet, lll, unused, staticcheck, errcheck, ineffassign, gofmt) #1871 #1870 #1876
  • Removed dependency on io/ioutil #1879
  • Fixed a number of issues with documentation and code comments #1857

You can find the complete changelog at: v3.2103.5…v4.0.1

Please file Github Issues with the label v4.0.1 if you find any problems or bugs in this release.

Thank you