What is the correct RDF syntax to delete an edge between two nodes

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There are a lot of posts about deleting. The ones that I found and read deal with deleting through GraphQL, or JSON syntax, or some other client. What I want to do is delete an edge with the RDF triple syntax. S P O .

  delete {
    <0x2> <friend> <0x3> .

Is this correct to delete the edge friend between uid 0x2 and 0x3? There is no mention in this docs page concerning edges between nodes without the wildcard, which I don’t want in this case. I want to preserve the other existing friends. Not sure if I need to use an uid function here instead:

<0x2> <friend> uid("0x3") .

Or just use the uid as a string? All the other SPO methods are for predicates and not edges.

<0x2> <friend> "0x3" .

This should be right.

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This syntax doesn’t exist in RDF. This is an especial function in the Upsert Block.

Also, this isn’t related to an edge. As this is a scalar value.

That’s the right syntax. I thought that this would be obvious in the docs. I mention that in the video. Maybe we should improve this @damian, @careyaaron3000 in the docs.

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Thanks for the confirmation. The doc page linked does not contain any Node to Node examples other than the wild cards. I was afraid of sending the wrong mutation with a production database.