What is the release cadence of dgraph?

I’m curious what the release cadence of Dgraph is? (https://dgraph.io/docs/releases/) Is there a list of enhancements/bugs that are being addressed in future versions? If so, where is that found?



This has been a long running confusion. The roadmap is posted in forum posts, you can search for ‘roadmap’ to find them. The post gets updated when new features are shipped. But I never really figured out where to get a clear picture of what’s being worked on.

I’ve been saying for a long time that Dgraph needs a better way to manage this, ideally with issue voting. Like https://feedback.render.com/ for example.

As for the next version, it sounds like Dgraph Labs are hiring a new team and we need to wait for them to make an announcement on that before we can hope to get a well-formed response from them on what they are gonna be prioritising.

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