When will a new Ristretto release be tagged?

There have been 51 commits since the v0.0.3 release, some with seemingly significant improvements. Is the project at a stable point now to tag a new release?


@ibrahim can you answer this?

Hey @derekperkins, even though there are 51 commits, most of them are changes to utility types. The z package ristretto/z at master · dgraph-io/ristretto · GitHub inside ristretto stores a few utility types that are used in badger and dgraph.

The following are the two commits which affect ristretto and not yet released

We don’t have a release planned for ristretto since we have only 2 commits in ristretto.

my understanding was there was a performance update as well

That is correct. The latest blog post outlines some of those improvements in performance.

I suspect the release will be tagged around the same time Dgraph 20.11 is out. For the mean time, you can always use go get github.com/dgraph-io/ristretto@master for the latest.

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