Adding Stale Action to Our Repos

In our ongoing efforts to improve the experience of developers contributing to Dgraph, Badger, Ristretto, clients, and related projects, we’re introducing GitHub’s Stale Action across the repos.

This action will run nightly and mark any issue or PR with no activity over the last 60 days as stale. Simply comment to keep the issue/PR active, or it will be closed 7 days later. Issues and PRs can be reopened at any time, and branches will not be deleted as part of this job.

Having a smaller set of issues and PRs to triage will help our committers improve responsiveness on active conversations.

We’ve made significant progress on test flakiness and run time over the last few months as well. Let us know what else we can do to make your experience contributing to these projects easier.



PRs make sense.

However, for those of us that spent “hours” creating issue requests, will just get everything closed and never to looked at again. Perfect.

Why would anyone comment on an issue that will never get added. “Maintenance only.”

Got it. No new feature requests. Fully open source now.

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I’ve always found the best open source projects have a community of developers contributing to the project. You won’t reach a point of true sustainability without it and it’s something we’re working to strengthen here, through actions like this. The strongest vote within an open source project should always be a PR.

Similarly, without focus on ensuring a strong technical and operational foundation, users move on to other solutions. New features will never make up for operational downtime, especially with a database.

But with these two items working together, that doesn’t mean the project won’t get new features. Here’s a good example of a PR in-flight right now from a community member for a long-desired feature: feat(graphql): Introducing Nested Filtering for Dgraph GraphQL API with Optimized Query Support by iyinoluwaayoola · Pull Request #9100 · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub. Regrettably, our review was slowed and we’ll get better there.

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The strongest vote within an open source project should always be a PR.

Your bot is trying to close open bugfix PR’s that never received a single comment from maintainers with commit bit.

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This is a terrible idea. The hours I spend organizing feature requests and bugs will now be forgotten. You have to vote for bug fixes!?

The CEO has not even responded to what his vision of the future of this product is.

Very disappointing.

All we get are self congratulating responses and clever ways to avoid answering any real questions regarding this product.

Other people need to call this out.


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Other people are apathetic, and if they are wise, have or will soon be replacing Dgraph in their stack.

Put feature requests in discuss… Move all feature requests to GitHub… Auto close stale feature requests… I mean it makes sense to close stuff if the team is never going to do anything with them. The team can just ignore anything they want and it will eventually just go away

@dezren39 thanks for responding on the issues and PRs. Appreciate it’s mildly inconvenient, but it’s the best path I see toward a sustainable level of active issues and PRs. You’ll note that some of the items you raised have now been merged by the team :raised_hands:t3:

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