Where can i find dgraph Server URL

(Akshay 15mca1098) #1

I am trying to install. I follow up the documentation and successfully completed step 2. This was the last step docker-compose up -d to start the server after clicking on the localhost but some Dgraph server URL i am getting. where do I find this?

(Michel Conrado) #2

As you are using Docker. The default would be localhost:8000 (for Ratel) and localhost:8080 (to connect the Ratel to the Dgraph Server or any Dgraph client).

If you are using “Docker Toolbox” instead of Docker installed “natively”. You should look for the IP assigned to the virtual machine created for this Docker instance.

What operating system are you using? and which version of Docker is installed? is Docker Toolbox?

In the case of the Docker ToolBox:

192.168.99.xx:8000/ for Ratel UI
192.168.99.xx:8080/ for Dgraph Server

(Akshay 15mca1098) #3

Thanks for you reply

(Srinath Ganesh) #4

@Akshay-15mca1098 , Why is ‘Django’ mentioned in the title?