Where does dgraph store all its data on-disk?

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Where does dgraph store all its on-disk files ?

I’m doing some disk storage benchmarking and need to know the on-disk footprint for various use cases.

Currently, I specify write-ahead and posting lists directories via the “-p” and “-w”, setting both to the same directory. Then I run some mutations, wait for the batches to process, and then get the size of that directory.

Is there some other storage I might be missing ?

Thanks !

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Don’t do that. These directories need to be separate.

Dgraph stores it’s state in p directory, and write ahead log in w. If you want to check the on-disk files, you should write your data, and shutdown dgraph, so it will push everything it has in memory to disk. Note that the disk usage shown by w can vary depending upon how many logs it carries. These logs though get periodically deleted, and will get purged later.

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Great thanks !

It looks like it takes a snapshot every so often as well. I assume that also flushed in-memory contents to disk ?

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No. We don’t really take any snapshots. The data gets pushed out continuously.

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