How to store data to multiple disks?

My server configuration, operating system: Linux, memory: 125G.

When using the go code to write data to the dgraph, 50 coroutines work simultaneously, batch inserts, and each coroutine inserts 3000 points at a time, inserting 10 times. The program runs for 4 minutes and 3.4s, with an average of 6163 points inserted per second. At this time, it was found that the CPU occupied up to 30%, but the disk IO was very high, and it was possible to write data to different disks to improve the insertion efficiency. What should I do?

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Yep, if you have a single disk for each instance of Dgraph, better. In theory if all Dgraph instances uses the same disk it affects access. If using HDD performance drops. If you gonna use a single storage, choose those with high IOPS. Like a NVMe or RAM-based SSDs.

Our each server has 8 ssd disk, and what is the best practice of deployment to improve performance?