Which region should I choose for world wide app? No multi-region availability? Which Load Balancer should I choose? BTW What's better for dgraph AWS or GCP?

I create a world wide social network. Which region should I choose at AWS and which one at GCP? US Central (Iowa)(us-central1) at GCP maybe? Or rather the one in Mumbai? uff that’s such a hard choice because I want the best latency for everyone…
BTW what’s better, AWS or GCP? Are there any specific benefits to run dgraph on one than another?

Does dgraph have no multi region availability? To host e.g one part in the US one part in Singapore and one part in Mumbai? That would solve all problems…

When using the ‘High Availability’ setting at GCP, is it ok to use Cloudflare Load Balancer? Or should I rather choose Google Load Balancer? Because my whole code runs on Cloudflare Workers.
My setup is: Client → Cloudflare Worker → Load Balancer → one of the dgraph instance
Now I gotta choose when I use GCP, if I use the Google Load Balancer, or rather the Cloudflare Load Balancer. What’s better?

Thanks a lot friends!!!

Maybe check out this thread:

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Hi I’ve just read it and I don’t really understand stuff(because I didn’t read Deploy&Manage section of docs because I want to use managed dgraph cloud because i am a bloody noob). But I understand: there is no way out of the box provided by dgraph cloud. I have to deploy dgraph on my own and do that multi region stuff myself. Is that correct?

Will there be support by dgraph managed cloud in the future? Or are they able to turn on multi region for me manually if I ask them maybe? I would also pay money if they turn it on for me (because it is maybe some kind of work that can cost some hours idk)

thanks buddy!!

(sorry for the dumb questions. i am a 0815 firebase SaaS noob dev, not a pro dev, but i heard everyone deserves a scalable awesome dgraph database)

@core-devs ?

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@Juri I saw that you have multiple concerns. Let me address them one by one:

Dgraph cloud provides equal service in both the cloud providers. You can choose from any of these providers and expect the same amount of SLA’s and gurantees.

We are currently in the process of introducing learner nodes in Dgraph cloud. This feature will provide you to run multiple instances of Dgraph in different regions and in different cloud providers. This will enable you to provide best experience to your customers while running queries. But mutations will be still be slow because they will depend upon the primary cluster. You can read more about Learner Nodes here

You can choose any load balancer in my opinion. We haven’t had any complains yet in terms of using one load balancer over the other. But it’s probable that you might run into some hiccups. Do let us know and we will help you to sort things out.

As i mentioned we are working on providing the learner nodes across regions and cloud providers. This can solve your problems to some extent. There is no fixed timeline but you can expect it to be in prod by next month. Do let us know if this doesnt match your timeline. We can surely help you here.


I have last questions(/troubles/feature-requests) to Learner Nodes left:

e.g I have a reddit clone with the types: User, Post(properties: author, text, title, subreddit, continent-of-subreddit), Subreddits (properties: name, members, continent(if there is any defined by subreddit mods), description, founding-date), Privat-Messages, Comments(properties: author, text, subreddit, continent-of-subreddit).
I have 3 AWS regions: USA(master node), Europe(Learner Node), Singapore(Learner Node)

  1. Use Case
    E.g: People in singapore don’t use much the privat-messages capability of my reddit clone (because they use e.g LINE WeChat etc). So I want that the Singapore Learner Node does replicate everything except the whole Privat-Messages type (to safe resources/money). Is that possible? Or will it be possible in the future?

  2. Use Case
    E.g: I have 3 subreddits with high volume: r/Taiwan, r/Japan, r/Tokyo. the mods of this subreddits have set the continent property to ‘Asia’.
    I want to replicate the subreddits, their posts & comments, only on the Singapore Learner Node (because it would be a waste of resources/money to replicate it in europe).
    Will that be possible in the future?

Once again: THANKS A LOT!!! i really appreciate your time and effort you spent on answering questions, on building dgraph, and so on! you are really doing magnificent work. I dont want to suck D too much but dgraph is for real a revolutionary product and the FIRST of its kind, YOU are really creating a change to make the internet (and it’s websites apps etc) faster, cheaper and better(look at the awesome query abilities you have that e.g google doesn’t have), YOU are democratizing the internet with making it more accessible for everyone and making it easier for SaaS shitdevs like me to build awesome applications without much technical knowledge. The next google the next amazon the next airbnb will be build with dgraph!

Hi @Juri ,
Currently learners nodes are exact replica of the master node with all the data copied over the learner nodes. You use case to selectively replicate over the learner nodes seems exciting but currently there is no plan to integrate this feature. Our roadmap is generally inspired from the community and customer’s immediate requirements. I request you to open a feature request with complete experience report and we will try to prioritise it.

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done (y) Feature Request: Making Learner Nodes more smart/useful with stopping wasting resources/money. + We need smart learning-sharding like Cloudflare Durable Objects