Why _: and . when doing DQL

mutation1 = txn.create_mutation(set_nquads='_:animesh <name> "Animesh" .')

I am looking at examples of DQL with the python client and I don’t understand this syntax.

Why _: and why always ending in a .

This is the RDF syntax. The underscore with double dots states a “Blank Node” (You are stating that you wanna a new node, otherwise you should use a UID). The angular brackets is the predicate, the double quotes the value, and the end dot means that you have nothing more to insert in the Nquad.

I recommend that you take a look at our Tour Mutation Introduction | Intro | Dgraph Tour

I tried to take the tour but it doesn’t work which I brought up here.

Sorry, I didn’t get it. What exactly didn’t work related to the Tour?

I covered it in that post, but basically I can’t get DGraph working from the two options provided in the tour, and the tour depends on a local installation. I’m sure it is a simple issue, but the instructions do not work and I can’t do the tour effectively without a local instance.

You can edit the address. Go to Load Schema | Intro | Dgraph Tour and check the box there

ENDPOINT: /ALTER Dgraph: http://localhost:8080

Click in the pencil, change and save it.

I know, I did that, the instance isn’t working. Locally or via the tour.

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