Why are official binaries (+docker images) behind release/v21.03 branch?

Many bugs (for us some of them critical for operation) have been fixed in the release/v21.03 branch on github.

Why are the binaries on https://dgraph.io/downloads and docker containers still behind this branch?

Wouldn’t it make sense to update them continuously with the branch?

Or is the release/v21.03 branch actually the current (unfinished) state of work for v21.03.1 ?

perhaps the download page was not edited is behind, I was able to use the standalone image for v21.03 as described in the documentation https://dgraph.io/docs/deploy/download/

That’s not the issue here.

The issue is that the branch has newer features than the official downloadable binaries.

One of the following would solve this:

  1. rename release/v21.03 in dev/v21.03.1
  2. build new binaries/docker-images whenever a commit is pushed to release/v21.03.

I’d prefer the latter.