Why predicate not reblance

why predicate not rebance!

What I want to do

group2 has one predicate

What I did

Please list the things you have tried.

Dgraph metadata

dgraph version


It looks like a size may not be calculated for any of your tablets, do you have any data stored, or just the schema? The automatic rebalace routine will only move a tablet if the group size (in bytes) is different enough (see here).

The data is stored, the amount of data is quite large, the cpu usage rate of each request for group1 will be very high.

How to check the data size of each group?

The size of the group is determined by adding up the OnDiskBytes member of each tablet in the group - this is what is shown to you on the cluster management page, but you can calculate it yourself by adding up the result of the /state endpoint.