Will 1.2 subscription logic be able to be customized based on a query

Hey, I’m wondering if the subscription logic in 1.2 will allow for custom subscriptions based on a query, or if they will be fixed in schema. For example, if I’m making an app that allows a user to make a custom query, can I set that query as a subscription rather than just one time without having to modify graphql schema?

Hi, thanks for the question.

We won’t have GraphQL subscription support in the first version of GraphQL we release. It’s on our roadmap for the set of features to look at after first release.

Thanks, when it’s released, will I need to hard code a schema to do a subscription query, or will I be able to do it on the fly programattically?

Also, as a further question, will subscriptions come to graphql ±?

Nothing is set in stone yet. But I think the GraphQL subscription mechanism requires the possible subscriptions to be registered in the schema, just like queries and mutations.

Live queries and subscriptions have also been suggested for ±. I’m not sure if there’s a timeline for supporting it.

Live queries and subscriptions would be extremely useful for ±. The ability to subscribe to arbitrary queries would be very helpful for analytics

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