Will Dgraph switch to GraphQL eventually?

Will Dgraph’s GraphQL± still be maintained if all the features will be implemented on top of GraphQL? Is it a goal to switch to GraphQL eventually or will GraphQL coexist with ± as an additional query language?


I asked the same thing a while back.

I was told that, many of the features will be ported over, GraphQL± might coexist alongside GraphQL as DQL / GQL, & that it might be for advanced users, while GraphQL is for beginner’s gateway to using Dgraph.

I suggested making a page talking about this, and depicting which features will be ported and which won’t in column wise manner.

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The reason I am asking this question is that I am building sortof a query builder in TypeScript and if Dgraph one day deprecates GraphQL±, than my time would have been wasted…


GraphQL± isn’t going away. We’d love to support everything in GraphQL, but GraphQL± has got some things that won’t work in GraphQL - like upserts. So those would have to come into GraphQL via custom logic and custom queries/mutations.

There should be a list of features we expect to port in the near future when we put up a roadmap for the next GraphQL releases soon.

A query builder sounds cool!!


Hi Michael.

Great to know! Thanks for confirming :slight_smile:

Sounds great! Can you share your DQL builder?