A tour of Dgraph errors with missing startTs error message

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Posted by mmanela:


Browser: Firefox 70.0.1
I just started playing with the Dgraph guided tour in Firefox and when I got to the “Load Data” step and click Run it gave the following error. (NOTE: it only errors in firefox it seems??)

{"errors":[{"message":"startTs parameter is mandatory while trying to commit","extensions":{"code":"ErrorInvalidRequest"}}]

I pulled the latest docker image and I am running in a docker container on windows (linux container hosting)

docker image inspect dgraph/dgraph
        "Id": "sha256:a42a8990ff02df664460fafd62e32fd4800ff03ab388a226fdb2ee27146740ca",
        "RepoTags": [
        "RepoDigests": [

Image for reference:

Mierdin commented :

I’m seeing this as well. Looking at the network trace, while the window says that it’s using /mutate, it’s actually running /commit.

This may be related to https://github.com/dgraph-io/tutorial/issues/86 though it doesn’t seem like it’s fixed, even when using v1.1.0 as indicated in that issue. I’m using Firefox.

MichelDiz commented :

Ping @ashish-goswami || @prashant-shahi || @paulftw

Can you guys check this? This seems to be the old issue with Firefox.