Add config for HA server

What I want to do

I want to update the limit of the edges returned from the DQL query.

What I did

I have 3 alpha and 3 zeros running using the HA cluster setup. I tried the

dgraph alpha --limit “query-edge=30000000”

command but got the following error.

Cannot acquire directory lock on “p”. Another process is using this Badger database. error: resource temporarily unavailable
Error while creating badger KV posting store

Dgraph metadata

Dgraph version : v23.0.1
Dgraph codename : dgraph
Dgraph SHA-256 : 1d9145cf378b4e97b5f6cefd55069973c65c36f07b8e05a24b68b8ff5c5e74a4
Commit SHA-1 : 3de01e4
Commit timestamp : 2023-07-03 14:35:26 +0530
Branch : HEAD
Go version : go1.19.10
jemalloc enabled : true