Add example on how to delete Edges between Nodes

Posted by fendor:

In my opinion, it is not straight forward how to delete Edges between Nodes, without deleting the Nodes.
The dgraph tutorial explains how the json for deleting edges must look like. From there, I have worked backwards and created a class Edges that will be serialized into the correct form.

I think it would be helpful to add an example into the README, since this is, in my opinion, a common operation. Same for deleting all edges between nodes and deleting all edges with the same label from a specific node.

deepakjois commented :

@fendor we do have a test in our test suite, which uses a helper method Helpers#deleteEdges.

If that is what you are referring to, I could add it as sample code to the docs.

fendor commented :

Yes, I think this would improve the quickstart guide.

Didn’t notice the test suite so far, thanks for the additional examples.