Adding storage to a Dgraph cluster


What is the recommended approach to adding storage to Dgraph (self-hosted)?

For example, if I provision a 2-node cluster with an alpha of 500GB, and I need another 500GB of storage, how do I add this?

Do I have to create a new cluster with a 1TB alpha and migrate? Or is there a way I can horizontally scale by adding another Alpha group? (as suggested in Dgraph concepts )

Also, how does one determine remaining storage capacity for Dgraph? Is this equal to the free space on the volume / PVC where the Alpha is running?

Thank you!

Thats the best. You can’t add 500GB to any computer without RAID-Something or even ZFS. With Dgraph sharding you can add more Alphas, point to the storage and you are good to go.

So you are running a K8s cluster? K8s should tell. Also if it is a Bare Metal machine which you have total control. Just use ~free command from Linux.

Dgraph can tell the approximate size of its tablets. But Dgraph needs to expand deltas, logs and other type of files. Which are pruned time to time. But can last a long time.

Thank you!

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