Dgraph v22.0.0 is now GA

Hi Dgraph Community,

We have good news! The latest Dgraph release v22.0.0 is now GA. We would like to thank the community members who gave us timely feedback on the v22.0.0-RC1 and the Dgraph team who worked tirelessly to make this release a reality.

The release binaries and release notes are now available on GitHub. We have changed the release numbering scheme to semantic versioning. This version is called v22.0.0. The docker images for dgraph/dgraph and dgraph/standalone are available on DockerHub.

Release v22.0.0 is based on v21.03.2 and is backward compatible with it. Databases created with v21.12.x will not work with v22.x.x and there is no in-place upgrade path.

We have fixed 420+ CVEs and brought in a few fixes from the v21.12.0 release into this version. In addition, we have made significant enhancements to our CI/CD and test infrastructure.

We have enabled CI/CD using Github Actions and stabilized test harness, the Community is welcome to contribute further towards this effort. In our effort to improve CI/CD, we have added Code Coverage, Go Linting, Go Reports and TODO filters. We have also opened up Github Issues with Issue Templates to get as much information as possible from the reporters. Please refer to the release notes for further details.

We had our first Project Steering Committee (PSC) meeting today. Subsequent releases will be planned based on input from the committee.

Please file Github Issues with the label v22.0.0 if you find any problems or bugs in this release.

Thank you all.



When will Dgraph Cloud be upgraded to 22.0.0?

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This is one of the engineering priorities. We do not have an estimated date yet. I’ll keep you updated asap.


Great to hear that we get an update!

Would you recommend instances of v21.03.2 to upgrade right away?

We are currently upgrading from v21.12.0 to v22.0.0. We are also using the java client, but I see that the latest version is still v21.12.0 here.

Will that client still work with v22? Or should we wait till there’s a new release before upgrading?