Paid managed instance

I commented on the roadmap but I am hoping to get an update on if you have any timeline for paid managed instances for Dgraph? Vague pricing would also be great. I am a big fan, but I really need/want this as I don’t want to be doing DB dev ops.

I am not really ready yet but if this service is like 2 years away that’s just too long for me.


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While we haven’t publicly launched a service yet, we’re running and managing Dgraph clusters for companies already. Shoot me an email and I can get you set up.

@mrjn Awesome, thank you so much. I will be hitting you up on this.

I won’t waste your time until my product is ready for end users. I just renewed a consulting contract so I won’t need this for the next few months, as I keep blowing away my DB when I make changes, and I won’t have a lot of time to work on it.

As long as it’s coming and I can have access to it in the future that’s good enough for me. As soon as my current contract ends I plan to spend 2months putting the app into production, that’s when I will hit you up. Mt contract might get extended so maybe you will have self service setup by then.

This is unless you prefer having another paying customer? I am paying AWS $60 a month I would be happy to pay to you instead. Let me know.

Thanks again.

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