At the `Dedicated` plan, do I have access to the GKE Kubernetes via GCP Console, or is it locked up?

Hi to save my dgraph endpoints from ddos attacks, I want to use Cloud Armor or Cloudflare Protection.

So, when I have the +$199 Dedicated plan, do I have access to everything via GCP Console, so that I can roll out my ddos protection on my own? Or do I still only will have the Dgraph Cloud webview, and have to contact the dgraph team to unlock me?

If I use dgraph High Availability, is dgraph using under the hood, Googles Load Balancer? I then have to make sure to don’t mess things up, right?

When rolling out my ddos protection, I basically just have to secure the endpoints with the protection, that’s it right? So if dgraph uses via Load Balancer an Anycast Domain, I just have to secure that anycast endpoint. right?

I want to have peace of mind

do you maybe have a clue @MichelDiz ._.

Maybe I asked complicated

In short: when using the dedicated +$199 plan, do I have access to the whole tech under the hood? So that I can implement Google Cloud Armor DDoS protection or Cloudflare DDoS protection on my own?

Or am I not able to do that? If I run the +$199 plan, will the Dgraph Team do that for me for some money if I request that? I have no problem with paying! I just want my ddos protection :frowning: Else I won’t be able to sleep in production, and even if I don’t sleep, there’s nothing i can do against DDoS, except installing DDoS protection…