Authentication issue with groot after dgraph live import

Bug or just my fault?

I am new to Dgraph database and doing some testings with a frech deployed version 21.12.0 (single alpha, zero and ratel).

After I had placed a schema and some data via ratel web interface into a new created namespace I did an database export via a graphql mutation request. No problems at all.
After this I created a new namespace where I imported the exported schema and data on the same alpha via dgraph live (CLI).

dgraph live --schema /dgraph-exports/dgraph.r10029.u0125.1634/g01.schema.gz --files /dgraph-exports/dgraph.r10029.u0125.1634/g01.rdf.gz --creds="user=groot;password=password;namespace=10005" --alpha dgraph.default.svc.cluster.local:9080 --zero dgraph.default.svc.cluster.local:5080

However, since I have imported the data successfully I get the following error message in the logs of alpha if I try to login with the groot user into the namespace. Right before the import I could login into the new namespace without any problem.

access_ee.go:82] Authentication from address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:2759 failed: while querying user with id groot: Found multiple users: {"user":[{"uid":"0x4","dgraph.xid":"groot","password_match":true,"":[{"uid":"0x3","dgraph.xid":"guardians"}]},{"uid":"0xe3823b","dgraph.xid":"groot","password_match":true,"":[{"uid":"0xe3823a","dgraph.xid":"guardians"}]}]}

Can anybody confirm this behavior?
Did I anything wrong within the export / import process?

If I create a second user (member of the guardians group) in the new namespace before I import the exported schema and data, I can login with the second user, e.g. into the ratel web interface, and see the imported schema and all data.


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