Backing up shared instance of Dgraph Cloud

What I want to do

I want to take backups of our database (that is in a shared instance of Dgraph cloud) periodically. I don’t care if it’s manual, I also don’t really care where the backup ends up. I just want to know that I have a backup I could easily restore.

What I did

  • Ratel backup panel - couldn’t get it to work, but possibly I’m doing something silly
  • The export mutation (seems to not work if you’re not a Guardian of the Galaxy user)?
  • Exported all data using a HUGE query, which works, but makes re-importing a question for the future

Dgraph metadata

Dgraph Cloud, shared instance

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Hi @LuskeyNoah
Backup functionality is restricted for shared instances. In dgraph cloud, all shared instances are part of one High Availability cluster provisioned with rich resources. And we backup this cluster incrementally every 4 hours and full backup every week. So you need not to worry too loose data as it will always be backed up within 4 hours. In case of any issues or restore you can raise support ticket we will help with Point in Time recovery of your backend.

Secondly export operations in general are restricted over dgraph backend because they can be exploited by malicious users. Hence to provide more control over these operations we have rework export a bit for shared instances. You can refer this documentation for more details. Do remember that you can only perform this operation once every hour. Once exported the best way to restore is using live loader. You can find more instructions here

I hope this answers your concerns.

Thank you!