Slash graphql data backup

I believe it’s necessary to have a feature that allows me periodically backup slash graphql data to S3 or anything else.

Hey Pranay,

We take periodic backups of Slash GraphQL Backends. You can use the Export feature to get the copy of your data as shown here.

I understand. And I could write a cron job to do it. But it would have been better to simply integrate it into the UI itself.

Yes. We have that in the pipeline. Import/Export feature will be integrated with the UI.

Thank you for reaching out to us.

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Hi @pranaypratyush,

Just to give a bit more context: We already back up your cluster every 4 hours, but that is mostly in case we need to do some sort of disaster recovery.

We will soon allow you to restore this backup into a new cluster.



oh wow! 4 hour backups! That is really frequent backups. Does this backup effect performance at all during that time?

It shouldn’t. Dgraph backups are incremental, so if there was no writes during that time, it just outputs the new timestamp.