Evaluating Enterprise Sutability Without Enterprise Features

Hey there, I am considering using Dgraph to power an Open Source, enterprise grade application that I want to be fully enterprise suitable without having to purchase a separate enterprise license. In other words, I have to find out whether or not I can use Dgraph’s non-enterprise features to create my own Open Source app that is still suitable for most enterprises.

Here are my concerns:

Backup Support

The biggest enterprise feature that I think could be necessary for me is the Backup feature.

Is it possible to restore a Dgraph database using only the Export feature? Is it just slower to use the export feature because of data density? Does it just take more steps to restore with the export feature?


I’m planning on using Dgraph GraphQL for my application. Does Dgraph GraphQL’s @auth feature still work even without ACL’s?

The Rest of the Features

I’m also curious if there are any plans in the future to open up the enterprise features as Open Source and free if Slash GraphQL is successful. Maybe licensing under something like the BSL license that CockroachDB adopted.

I totally understand enterprise features being there to motivate people pay for the software to make development sustainable, but it may seriously limit my decision to use Dgraph to power open source projects because I don’t want users to have to get a commercial license for the database to use the Open Source tool that I build.

Obviously that is my decision to make for my tool, and it is your decision to make for your tool, but it was a bit disappointing for me to find out because I was really excited about Dgraph.

Either way, I know I’m being a little presumptuous to suggest you guys change your licensing and I totally respect your decisions as a product and community that has to stay sustainable. I just wanted to throw it out there. :slight_smile:


Hi there @zicklag. Thanks for posting such a detailed question. If you’d like please send me an email and we could discuss further in addition to the responses you’ll see here. I’m at [email protected]. Thanks!

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Good question about ACL and @auth directive!

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Posted a related topic:

Hi @zicklag,

I see you’ve connected with @dereksfoster99. Anyway, just to answer a few questions here for posterity.

  1. Yes, @auth works without ACL
  2. It is possible to restore a dgraph database with export / import. However, it will be slower as the export is a full export, not an incremental backup
  3. Dgraph enterprise features are enabled by default for 30 days in a new cluster.



Thank you for this clarification!

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This missing backup feature is becoming a problem for my company right now :confused:

You can export a RDF copy of your data and import that into a new Dgraph instance. Are you looking for/needing something more? Just a link to another post would suffice too. Thank you!

You can try ZFS. The snapshots from their filesystem is spectacular and totally free. Not sure if ZFS works on Docker images, but could. As by now, we have Ubuntu coming with ZFS support.

Also, I think the whole ZFS architecture is wonderful.


Yeah, ZFS is supported on docker!!
Use the ZFS storage driver | Docker Documentation.


This missing backup feature is becoming a problem for my company right now

I have not made a post on it because I didn’t want to take dgraphs good will points but did you guys miss seeing this in master?


I heard about that, I didn’t notice that was already done. Nice!

Wow, amazing! I looked on the forum and documentation, not so much in the code :upside_down_face:

Thank you :heart: