What backup solution should I use if I'm a non-enterprise Dgraph Cloud customer?

Having to manually migrate the schema and data, especially in the absence of backups is a terrifying prospect. What is the most foolproof way to perform regular backups if you are not an enterprise customer and using Dgraph Cloud?

Looks like Enterprise licensing is separate to deployment pricing, i.e. you can run a $39.99/m Dgraph Cloud instance and get enterprise features with that? How much is the enterprise licensing, who do I speak to about that?

EDIT: https://dgraph.io/docs/enterprise-features/license/

Dgraph enterprise features are proprietary licensed under the Dgraph Community License. All Dgraph releases contain proprietary code for enterprise features. Enabling these features requires an enterprise contract from [email protected] or the discuss forum.

Export/import is the only other option unless you do backups at the OS level.

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If you need backups and you are a skilled IT guy. You can use ZFS. You can have snapshots at filesystem level. And other benefits. But you will be on your own.

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