Backup tracing

Hi, currently I am using Dgraph master version for some tests.

I have to say, I think Dgraph works so far beyond other graph databases in terms of Backup/Restore, Sooo convenient for users!

It can (online) restore to anytime with backupId and backupNums for clusters, also restore is an asynchronous processing, allowing us check restore status by restoreId.

While I found there are no ways to check backup status, as it is a synchronous processing. When backup small data, it works fine and will return response correctly. But if data is large, like 50G, It costs a lot of time without any tracking. Also there should be a timeout/oom error for this api. cluster stuck here forever(after two days). Because the level of Backup is higher than other operations, I cannot do any operation:

Error while processing schema file “lab.schema”: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = operation opBackup is already running

So, I wanna ask is there any way to track backup status or add api waiting time? (For oom error I can add memory, it is not a problem)

I’m marking this as a feature request

We have an open RFC about adding a way to run backup requests in the background and checking their status:

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