Dgraph Release Candidate v23.0.0-rc1 is now available

Hi Dgraph Community,

We are pleased to announce that the Release Candidate for Dgraph v23.0.0- v23.0.0-rc1 is now available for you to try and provide feedback.

Quite a few important enhancements and bug fixes have gone in since we released Beta1 in March. In addition we have added test coverage (up from 64% to 67%) and made several enhancements to our CI infrastructure.

We have added following additions:

  • Added badger metrics (#8737)
  • Introduced incremental restore (#8624)
  • Upgrade badger dependency to v4.1.0 (#8783) (#8709)

We have added following bug fixes:

  • Fixed WAL replay issue during rollup (#8774)
  • Fixed AES implementation in audit logging (#8323)
  • Unified mapper receiver names (#8740)
  • Fixed panic in parsing of regexp (#8739)
  • Added error check before bubbling up nil error (#8769)
  • Replaced global index with local one & fix typos (#8719)

Additional Changes:

  • Added upgrade tests in query package (#8750)
  • Simplified test setup in query package (#8782)
  • Added test for incremental restore (#8754)
  • Added capability to run tests in query package against dgraph cloud (#8726)
  • Fixed unconvert linter issues on linux (#8718)
  • Added unconvert linter and address related issues (#8685)
  • Resolved community PR goveralls failure (#8716)

You can find the complete changelog here

Please note that this is a Release Candidate and not the official release.

We expect GA release for V23 to be available in a couple of weeks time.

Please file Github Issues with the label v23.0.0-rc1 if you find any problems or bugs in this release.

Thank you,

– The Dgraph team

Evaluate Dgraph v23.0.0-rc1 with Docker

You can deploy the Official Dgraph rc1 Docker image using the following command:

docker pull dgraph/dgraph:v23.0.0-rc1


I just confirmed that badger is back in /usr/local/bin in the container again, thanks! I didn’t see that on the changelog, it’s worth mentioning.

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Any idea when Cloud will be updated?

We are working on making v23 GA Release available within next couple weeks and we plan to make GA available on cloud along with OSS.