Production ready version

(Mpires) #1

Hi all,

What is the version targeted to be production ready? 1.0? And what is the expected ETA for it?

Additionally, it’d be great to know if there are companies deploying dGraph at the moment.

(Manish R Jain) #2

We’ll consider Dgraph to be production ready once it has been in use for six months in a production environment.

There’re a few companies who’re currently trying out Dgraph in their production environment. We do suggest people use Dgraph in production.

(Amit Chandak) #3

Was wondering if you could share companies which are using dgraph in production??
We are exploring production ready graphdb. I know neo4j has good deployed base, but lack of a production ready go driver made us explore us options.
I just had a brief look at dgraph, really like the active community base plus an enterprise version. However, I didn’t see any info about it being deployed in production to give us some confidence of the product quality. Really appreciate some info on this.

(Manish R Jain) #4

Dgraph is being used by an active base of users and quite a few companies that we know of have built their apps on top of Dgraph and running in production. So, I’d recommend using it!

(Jacob) #5

@mrjn Are there any testimonials or public info about which companies are using dgraph in production? I’m in the same boat as Amit, Dgraph seems very attractive but its hard to trust claims of “production ready” without endorsements from third parties.