Best way to count distinct nodes and return data?

I have a dataset with documents and users. Users can like documents.


<likes>: uid @count @reverse .
<title>: string .
<url>: string @index(hash) @upsert .

Given a document A, I want to return all likes of users who have liked document A liked. Preferably excluding A.

I roughly want the following pseudo code but I can’t figure out how to structure it as a valid query.

query ($url: string) {
  var(func: eq(url, $url)) @ignorereflex {
    ~likes {
       likes {
         uids as uid
  var(func: uid(uids)) @groupby(uid) {
    counts as count(uid)
  docs(func: uid(counts)) {

Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated :slight_smile:

I can just return all the uids from the server and aggregate in the client but that is fairly expensive given the size of the dataset. I’d then have to do a bunch more queries to return the details from each document.