Books to read about Dgraph?

Where can I find books to read about Dgraph, prefere PDF or E-books (Google books etc)


Hello @TheSwedishLord,

We don’t yet have materials which are grouped together as a book.
I would highly recommend you to go through our getting started series.
You could potentially consider each episode of the series as a chapter in a book :slight_smile:

Here are the links of the text and video form at of the episodes / chapters :slight_smile:





Every Wednesday we’ll have a new material coming out, so please subscribe to our youtube channel, the blog and may be even follow us on twitter @dgraphlabs :slight_smile:

That will do but books should be written too :wink:

Don’t think I will get as much as I need to start with my project but at least it’s a start.
So either books or that you create some more YT vids :wink:


I think that more video content should be provided. It will help a lot

As of now I could not find books on Dgraph.

I come from the RDBMS world and I needed a good introduction to Graph databases .

This book Graph Databases: New Opportunities for Connected Data gave a good overview and helped me get the fundamentals of graph DB.

This followed by the dgraph tutorials on the blog helped me get comfortable with dgraph

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