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For people new to graph databases or GraphQL, Dgraph now has Dgraph Learn - a dedicated tutorial site. These FREE courses will help you build better, faster apps. Our current courses include:

You’ll also find learning resources including a Slash GraphQL Overview, and Dgraph and GraphQL Glossary. We even have a library of sample apps that you can deploy right now in your Slash GraphQL instance, letting you check out the source code and get a feel for how you would make a to-do app or Pokedex.

We are really excited to help people go from beginner to adept. If you think of any tutorials that would be helpful or things you wish you knew when you were getting started, please let us know! We’re planning to continually expand this resource and we’d love your feedback.


I’d love to see Vue examples

Hey @billybobthorton - funny you should say that! Our Vue course has just gone live. Please check it out and let me know what you think.


So awesome, thanks!

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Doesn’t look like the repo exists or is public.

git clone https://github.com/dgraph-io/discuss-tutorial-vue
cd discuss-tutorial
git fetch --all --tags
git checkout tags/tutorial-boilerplate -b learn-tutorial

fatal: repository 'https://github.com/dgraph-io/discuss-tutorial-vue/' not found

I also think this is likely incorrect

There are two ways to set our endpoint url. Either set the process.env.https://discuss-dev.us-west-2.aws.cloud.dgraph.io/graphql environment variable, or change the default url in the new vue-apollo.js file. In this tutorial, we will create a .env.development file at the root of the project, with the following contents:

Fixed and fixed! Thank you so much for flagging with us :rocket:

Let me know what you think of the tutorial. :smiley:

It was really good until the Vue part where the repo was gone and there seemed to be some typos. Will check out the Vue part now that it is updated.

(super late to this party)

The React message board tutorial really helped clarify how to work with GraphQL on the front-end. But when trying to follow along, the categories query was totally skipped, so the corresponding hook wasn’t created, causing the categories menu in the new post to break.

query categories {
  queryCategory {

I added that to my operations.graphql file and was good to go.

I also noticed that the code in the repo doesn’t match up to the tutorial walk-through. I guess building and running the tutorial from the complete source in the repo may be a more complete example?

This example is broken (dgraph-io/discuss-tutorial-vue.git)

It seems that the graphql endpoint is down?


I’d love to help fix it up. Expect PR soon, but in the meantime if there is anybody who worked on this previously I’d love to be in touch.


EDIT: I found the correct endpoint, I’ll submit a PR

Fantastic. One vote for SvelteKit examples from me.

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