[Brand] simple-icons submission

It might be interesting for the dgraph branding team to submit a github issue on simple-icons with official material, so dgraph can be used with https://shields.io/.

And people can use the dgraph badge easily in their github readme.
For brand awareness and such.

As there was no reaction whatsoever, I issued the icon request in their github.
If that was uncalled for, please tell me so and I will delete it immediately.
Otherwise an official media kit might prove helpful, or at least a reply granting this operation.

I kinda like this. It’s a shame no one from the team has responded yet. (I’m just no one, btw.)

I’ll try pinging @core-devs and hopefully at least one of them would notice your effort and give permission. (I’ve also put the logo you submitted on simple-icons GitHub issue.)


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Sorry I missed this post. This is very very cool! Thank you so much! @zoe @tsu, please take note


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