Using Dgraph logo instead of heart

What do you guys think about using Dgraph logo instead of a heart here? We can customize it based on this thread:


For our Discourse? I’m not sure if it’ll be intuitive for the casual visitor. They may not get it.

The hover shows that you “like this post.” I doubt it would be that hard to figure.

I think the best way to figure this out might be to try it out and see it for a few days.

Lets try it out and see how this looks. Do you want me to do it @mrjn?

Yeah, that’d be great. We’ll have to get the design team to make a favicon, yeah?

Meanwhile, we can use this one:

Looks like we’ll have to modify the CSS:

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Looks good, doesn’t it? Let me see how to change the colour now :stuck_out_tongue:.

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What changed? I don’t see see any change.

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How about now? Can you see the bolt?


Yup. Interesting, but a bit underwhelming. I think our logo would def look awesome.

Btw, maybe ask the design team to take a stab at redesigning this forum as well. We can then get their coder to implement the right CSS and make this forum really ours.

Ooohh!! The color change is amazing! :heart_eyes:

That’s a good idea. Maybe something similar to our website.

Ah yes, then we’d be fine. I’m for it.

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My phone for some reason still shows me heart symbols. And TBH, I think they do look better than the bolt. A bit more heart-warming, if you will. I vote to bring them back :heart:.

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Yeah, phone symbols have a different CSS. Brought the heart back :smiley:

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