Bulk load data from v1.2.x to 20.07.x not loading all data

Hello Everyone,

I have been using dgraph since v1.0.x, I migrated my data to v1.2.x and everything is working fine. Now that v1.2.x is about to reach its EOL, I am trying to migrate to v20.,07.x.

Here @MichelDiz told me that simple export from v1.2.x and bulk load in to v20.07.x should work.

I tried that and load was successful, now to verify data I am running following query:


On v1.2.x it shows 22547
and on v20.07.x it shows 117

Also these 117 records only have uid not even showing dgraph.type.

Would appreciate if anyone can help me find the issue and rectify it.

My bulk load command:

dgraph bulk -f g01.rdf.gz -s g01.schema.gz --zero localhost:5110

Thanks alot.

What is the number of Alphas? are you usin replication?

Sorry @MichelDiz it was my mistake, i had two versions of dgraph running. You were right post migration data is perfectly fine.

Again, my apologies for bothering dgraph community.



np, feel free to ask anything. In any case. We here to help.