Migration from v1.2.x to 20.07.x

Hello guys, We have been using dgraph in multiple microservices since v1.0.x. Six months ago we migrated all of our microservices to 1.2.x. Now we want to migrate to v20.07.x but before that we want to know if there is any migration guide that we can refer to, for smooth migration.

We really appreciate any help in this regard.


Note: Our largest graph has more than 15 million triplets.

As far as I know, there’s no fundamental change from v1.2.x to 20.07.x - Just export your data and use the bulk load that you might be fine.

@MichelDiz thats great, thanks a lot.

One question though:
All of our queries are currently written in graphql±, do you guys have any plan to deprecate DQL in future?

There are no plans to deprecate DQL.

Thanks a lot guys, love the dgraph community :slight_smile:

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