Can bulk loader load object array without specified schema?

If I don’t specify a predicate as a list in schema file, and just describe it with multiple objects in nq file, can bulk loader automatically load it as a array? Eg:
<0x01> alias “alias1”
<0x01> alias “alias2”
<0x01> name “name”
<0x01> uid “myid”
uid: string @index(exact)
name: string @index(exact)

then run:
dgraph bulk -f ./entity.rdf -s ./schema.rdf --map_shards=2 --reduce_shards=1 --http localhost:8001 --zero=localhost:5080

It seems not working. Is there anyway to support it because I have thousands predicates and just want to specify severals in schema file instead enumerating all, the rest can be loaded as string or string list.

Can bulk loader load object array without specified schema?

Short answer, yes, but you shouldn’t.

You can add a “dummy” schema or a schema without several definitions and types. That’s okay. But not a good practice.

If your dataset is like this. Dgraph will recognize it as a List Type.

Remove these flags. It will run the defaults one (that’s not mandatory)

humm, okay. I gonna check it today. It should work.

If the object is uid/blanknode type, bulk loader can recognize it as a list of edges, otherwise it cannot.

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